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Riding Lessons at The Meadows of Murfreesboro

Group Lessons 

 - $55.00 per lesson with Assistant Trainer

 - $65.00 per lesson with Head Trainer

Group lessons will last an hour long and consist of 2 or more riders. Riders will be appropriately grouped with others of similar riding skills and given the opportunity to additionally learn by watching others during their lesson as well.

Private Lessons 


 - $70 per lesson with Assistant Trainer

Private lessons are customized to meet your needs, goals, and experience level. Private lessons are a one-on-one experience with your trainer with each lesson lasting one hour. 


Please allow 30 minutes prior to your lesson to groom and tack your mount properly ensuring that you receive the full-time value of your lesson. Plan for an additional 30 minutes after your lesson to properly cool out your mount and clean your tack

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